Hop to It…. It’s Easter already!! – February Retreat – 17th February 2024


Hop to It….. It’s Easter already!!

It does seem ridiculously early to be making things and concentrating on Easter…. the Easter Eggs have been tucked away in the supermarkets since November!…  the celebration weekend begins with Good Friday on 29th March….. if we don’t do anything until the March retreat….. thats really too darned late!  So, better to be early and ready with your gifts…. than late and not finished!!

We have a ‘bundle’ of goodies for you to make this month….. with so many new members who haven’t made many of the projects….. we’ve re-designed them…. and bought some fabulously lovely fabrics too!  Sew…… sit back & prepare to be amazed……[it’s dangerous giving the committee time off – they plot & plan you know!!]  Everything is included in your kits

We have A Drawstring Bag – its a Carrot Bag! ‘cos Easter bunnies need Carrots right? (You can fill it with Easter Eggs or chocolate Rabbit Food!)  Its learning the principle of making a draw string bag that’s important – you never know when you’re going to need a  drawstring bag!

The 2nd project – yes two! In your kit is the Snap-it-up tray – such a fabulous item for a gift….. this time in a gorgeous Easter Egg fabric……with more & more Chocolate Eggs coming with no packaging…. You can make a gift to impress!  We’re going to use Kam Snaps too – you’ll be hooked & ‘snapped’ by these!…. there is a set of templates that you can make – so you can make all the sizes at home! For any occasion you wish!!

Now, sad to say you don’t get the Easter Eggs to go with the project…. you’ll need to add your own!  But then everyone chooses different flavours – right? !!

Sew, Hop off to book your place … as ever – you can do your own ‘thing’ of course…  Everything you need for the Projects is included in the kit!  Bargain!

There will of course be the De-Stash so you bring all the things you found or forgot last month!!

Don’t forget your lunch – and bring CAKE!!

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