May Retreat – FreeStyle Free Motion Stitching & Quilt as you Go – 18th May 2024


What was it like to be Free [young and single!!]  So long ago – can’t remember…… but in Stitchery terms, this month its playtime….. we’re talking Free motion – or Freestyle Stitching here…… using that amazing Hopping Foot or Embroidery Foot on your sewing machine…..We’re going to lower those feed dogs on your machine…. [or you might need to find the cover for the feed dogs]; dig out the ‘hopping foot’, and off we jolly well go!

It’s all about moving the fabric under the needle – you are moving the fabrics….. we have ‘quilting gloves’ for you in the kit…. that help you move everything with ease!

Practice is a good thing with this project….. we’ll start you off – if you’ve never done it before – with a printed picture so you can follow the lines….. we have sample ‘quilt sandwiches’ for you to practice with   [Quilting is just joining the 3 layers together]. It’s just scrap fabric. – no pressure!… you will need to bring scraps of coloured fabrics along – and we’ve all got tons of those, haven’t we?? …. and black thread…. you will be making picture blocks in no time!  Great thing with this is …. it doesn’t have to be perfect!! if the round shape is not to your liking…. just go around again!! its called a design style!  Debbie Shore reckons that you should go around every shape 3 times….. see!! design style!! With this method you can make greetings cards….. or possibly quilt blocks……  cushion fronts….. Pictures for the wall……whatever you fancy!!  Even if youre aiming at a table mat say, you don’t have to be a quilter….

You may be thinking that this isn’t for you….. however, our illustrious leader entered a bag in the Bucks County Show last year and the side panels were joined in the Quilt as you Go method!!  so….. time to play…..

We also will have bigger pieces of fabric with a design…. slap bang in the centre…. for those who are a little more adventurous!!

Now.. you might not want to freestyle quilt your Quilt-a-Long blocks, so we’ve ‘pinched’ an idea for another block from Maureen at U3a, also using Scrap Fabric….. we’re then going to show you how to join your blocks together…. real simple method!  [for those who have taken part in the Quilt-a-Long, this is an essential skills class!].  

In your kit will be quilting gloves and a ‘quilt sandwich’ to start you off……you’ll definitely want to bring some scrap fabrics along…. or raid the de-stash….. to create a picture ‘postcard’ maybe, or a quilt block, or……this is definitely a freestyle class…. something you’ve been asking for….. you will be creating totally unique items….we guarantee no two will be the same!

You’ll also need to bring scissors…. small & large,  fabric glue if you have it [we have some in the club shop]….. we have suggested black thread…. but really – the choice is yours!  There will be demo’s on the blocks through the month in club meetings [Monday & Wednesday]…… but the joining of the blocks will be demonstrated at The Retreat.

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