Identify Yourself with our June Vinyl Retreat! – 15th June 2024


We have been amazed by how much y’all wanted to get into the vinyls…..our club supplies have been a big hit ….. NOW let’s get  practicing… ‘cos Practice makes Progress!!  then later we can make something super special with all the beautiful colours!!

To get you going and used to sewing this beautifully soft fabric, we’re going to start off with small items, to build your confidence…after all, this fabric is a bit different!!  NOW… we are going to make 3….I know surprise!!…. we are going to make 3 luggage tags!! ‘cos you may be going on holibobs & you’re going to need them… but FAR more importantly, you need identification tags for your sewing machine & its cables and bag next month when you check them in for PAT testing!!! ‘cos they all need a tag – right?  devious huh??

You could even embroider onto the vinyl – if your machine does that – and make a Name Badge!! – we have the cutest wiggly silicone straps for the tags…. they’re like tadpoles!! the pulley tags were outside our budget – but they’re available in lots of places!…  a Triangular pouch to hold those pesky earbuds possibly…. maybe a little box pouch…. there’s a protective cover for your keys – really clever!  oh… & the popcorn pouch…… the two tone make-up purse might have to come later!  but we will have the instructions for you….. we’re covering a lot of ground – or vinyl – here!!

You will get a kit – it has everything that you need…. to make some of the above items…. there will be a pattern pack for the items you’re going to make….. OK… the colour may not be what you would wish for…. but before you use all the lovely coloured rolls that you’re going to purchase  – and we have lots!!  Remember – this is your practice!! you may never have stitched this ‘fabric’ before….. and here is a good opportunity to practice for a fraction of normal retail prices.

Practice makes progress remember! ……After this Retreat…. we’re planning on book covers and project folders [we’re showing you a couple that we’ve made….. they are prototypes – so please be gentle with your criticism]  …. there’s another bag in the pipeline & lots of pressie ideas for gifting….. stick with us…. and we’ll show you how.

Your kit, which contains everything that you will need for some of these small items is just £5….. there will be some vinyl, a zip and some hardware to make some of the suggested items….. you will have access to the club Kam snaps too!

YOU WILL NEED a new needle [at least 1 !!!]  – size 18 or 20 [we have packs of assorted needles in the club shop!]….. ordinary thread is fine….. bring a selection so that you can contrast or match with the vinyl pieces!!  You’re going to need that adjustable narrow zip foot again – ‘cos we’re putting in a hidden Kam Snap!  If you want to use fancy schmancy zips….. you will need to bring your own – but there will be a regular 22″ zip in the kit along with a spare zip pull [which may or !! may not match the zip!!].

your leader team have been hard at work creating samples and generating ideas….. you’ll possibly have ideas of your own!! which would be great!!  Can’t wait to get to this one!!



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